About Me

MG_1022-290x100Who Am I?

I’m a very content t-girl.  Unusual, I know! I’m very happily married to a very beautiful woman. She’s everything to me.

My passion is for creating images and videos.  Although this site might appear egotistical, for me it’s not about showing me; it’s really about showing MY WORK.  Not exceptional work, I know, but my photos and videos do seem to strike a chord with some of you.

While you’re here, please register, click away, and please don’t forget to say “Hi!” and tell me how I’m doing.

And lastly, discretion! I’m very discreet and have been trusted with bigger secrets than you’re ever likely to share with me so rest assured .. your secret is safe with me 🙂

All the content you see, unless otherwise noted, is mine. I respect others ownership of their digital media (photos, videos, etc) and expect you to do the same.

And by the way .. I’m proudly Canadian!

MG_7574-290x100What I Am Not

I’m not a transsexual, a drag queen nor a she-male porn star. I’m not an ego-manic, even though simply having a website like this might make it appear that I am. I’m also not someone who “shares” images or videos. Although I might occasionally link to someone else’s content, I will never upload anything that doesn’t belong to me .. and I dislike people who do.

I’m not interested in “hooking up” for casual sex but if you’re a like-minded couple in a committed relationship, get in touch!  Maybe we can chill together.

Although I have met people who frequented my website, if that’s the reason you’re here, your time would be better spent elsewhere.

I’m also not an activist for the transgender community. I firmly believe that acceptance and change in this world can only come about one person at a time. In fact, with all the in-fighting, whining and “I’m more tranny than you” that exists in the TG world, I hardly feel part of that group at all. A somewhat lonely existence at times but I just can’t compromise my ideals.

I’m also not an appearance snob. We were born they way we were born and all that’s important is that we do our best to work within that framework to be as presentable as we can be.

I’m also not delusional regarding my appearance. My mirror works just fine thanks and I know my shortcomings .. there are many .. but I’m totally comfortable with the way I look.

I’m also turned off by arrogance. It’s always based on deep insecurity and I don’t think it’s attractive at all. Same with stardom, fame and social ranking. Whatever!


MG_4288L2-290x100Why Am I Doing This?

Although I do get out and about whenever I feel inclined, this website, to some degree, is my portal to the world. I love sharing my work and style, and am always excited to connect with others of any gender who share my passion. I’m also a very understanding person and am a good listener. I’d love to hear from you if you have new or confusing feelings about the whole gender thing. I also love people with fetishes. I find it very sexy when someone has a fetish, is comfortable with that fetish, and is able to share it with others.  Fetishes are usually very deep, and so is the enjoyment of them.

Although I don’t do porn, I’m very sexual and quite experienced, yet I know I couldn’t survive in the shemale porn world of today. I’ll leave that to the well hung 20-somethings. But behind closed doors, in the car or on the kitchen table, I think I do just fine. *winks*