All Quiet Here

SeleenaK_20160131_125438sSorry I’ve been  so quiet lately.  But it appears that I have little to say if I’m not bitching about someone or something.

A close friend (I’m not sure if I should mention by name here or not) recently sent me a her “memoirs”.  The story of how her trans life began and how it progressed, and it was wonderful to read.

I had written something similar for an old version of my website but there’s really nothing here anymore to tell my story, and I think it’s more than a little unique.  Maybe I should go down that path.

Or more about this beautiful/ugly transgender community …. the one that I’ve stopped trying to fit into.

Or sex!  But that’s kinda hard to write about without making my darling or old playmates uncomfortable.

I’ll put some serious thought into blog topics while trying my best to avoid religion and politics, but in the meantime, if you can think of something I should babble about, please email me at the address on my Contact page.