Ankle bracelets, or anklets, have been around for centuries.  The ancient Egyptians may have been the first to wear them.

Still in use today, they seem to fall into a couple different categories.  Casual anklets, often made of leather or rope straps, often braided, and adorned with heavy beads (or not) are worn causally and always on bare legs.  They add a lot of sexiness to shorts, sandals and even beach wear.

A finer, dressier, more glittery version adds the finishing touch to a glamorous outfit.  Similar to necklaces, these tend to be gold or silver, with small beads, rhinestones, pearls or a combination.

In eastern cultures, anklets are commonly worn on both ankles.  In western culture, one ankle is typical.

Which Ankle?


There are lots of opposing opinions regarding the meaning of wearing an anklet on the right or left ankle.  Most are centered around a person’s relationship status and sexual availability.  But, from this girls observation, the right ankle is most common in the western world.  Does it mean that most women who wear ankle bracelets are sexually available to others?  Possibly, though not likely.  Yet I can’t help but think that on some level, overtly or deep inside, a certain sensual mindset exists in those who make the effort to adorn their ankles in this way; though it’s most likely about how it makes us feel and not so much about telling the world who and what we are.

Over or Under?

For those of us who wear sheer hosiery, the second “controversy” relates to wearing anklets over or under our nylons. I’ve read tons about this and, again, opinions vary greatly about what’s proper, what’s sexy and whether over or under is more likely to ruin your fine hosiery. Some feel that the anklet should always be worn touching the skin; others feel it’s beauty is less obvious when worn under nylons. Some say that wearing under will ruin your stockings quicker while others say wearing over is a recipe for disaster.

I can only share my experience on this and let you make your own decision.  I wear mine over my nylons … always have .. and have never ruined a pair of ultra-sheer expensive stockings from wearing mine that way. I do choose bracelets that feel nylon-friendly though, and prefer types with a lobster clasp for this reason.

Regarding sexuality and anklets, are you a “naked sex” girl?  If removing your stockings in the heat of passion or as foreplay is you or your partner’s thing, wear your anklet under your nylons. If your stockings remain on when things get hot and sexual, over is the way to go!

Maybe that’s a more appropriate and relevant anklet “signal”, and for some of us, totally important. If she’s wearing her anklet over her nylons, she doesn’t plan to remove her stockings no matter how hot and heavy things get!

Now that’s the kind of thing fantasies are made of .. don’t you agree?

Heroes and Villians


So terrorists do bad things.  It’s life now and will be for the foreseeable future.  That doesn’t scare me.

But what does scare me is the reaction to terrorism that was so rampant in Boston after the marathon bombing.

We all heard a lot of “Boston Strong!” and talk about law enforcement “heroes”.  I wasn’t there but, looking from outside the border, it’s all a little concerning.  Boston did not appear “strong” .. a couple kids had them cowering in their homes.  And I just don’t see any heroics in anything law enforcement did.

First of all, federal, state and local agencies were unable to protect their own citizens, let alone international visitors to a world-renowned event, from some pretty unsophisticated terrorists.  Then, when both savages were within reach, the youngest was able to get away.  And after locking down the whole city and searching with all the tools at their disposal, it took a curious citizen to find the kid.

I’m not pretending to think that law enforcement is easy .. I know it’s not.  But hearing “we’ve learned a lot and we’ll do better next time” would have been much more comforting than to see everyone, from the governor on down,  taking a bow for the fabulous work they did.  Citizens should have respectfully demanded an improvement.

Maybe the words that affected me so much were just an emotional outpouring out of fear or an attempt to heal .. but like alcoholism, the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem, and it requires real courage to do that.

There’s nothing “weak” in admitting you’re down when you are.

Someone like me can only survive in the world today if I’m grounded in reality .. it keeps me safe.  When you’re down, say you’re down and we’re all there to help you up.  I’m the type of girl who goes out of her way, within my financial means, to support communities in times of need. But delusional talk is not comforting nor does it inspire support.

But America doesn’t need support .. emotional, financial or otherwise ..  from the rest of the world, do they?