2013 Highlights and Lowlights


Yet another year is in the books.  2013 was an interesting year for me.  Not the most exciting year ever but quite interesting just the same.

On the positive side, I won a couple little contests through my online hi-jinx on Facebook and Twitter.  A few pairs of pantyhose from Gilt City New York , a corset from my favourite corset shop Orchard Corset  and a three piece lingerie set (complete with nylons) from Gossard Lingerie and Aristoc Hosiery in the UK.

Although I do appreciate receiving these types of gifts, the most fun for me is in participating in their online promotions.  I suppose it gets me out of the trans world briefly and allows me to play a bit in the non-gender-dysphoric world.

I still fantasize that someday I’ll be asked to help market so many of the wonderful products I review for myself on a daily basis.  The transgender community makes up an ever-increasing part of the retro lingerie and hosiery market, and it appears most of the retailers realize this.  But god knows, some of them need help attracting transgender customers

But in addition to my little prize winnings in 2013,  I also:

  • was asked by The Lingerie Addict to review a blog entry (prior to publication) that dealt with body image and transgender world (Cora is my girl-crush; I think she’s smart, gorgeous and I respect her lots)
  • attended a couple TG conferences in the US.  Both the Keystone Conference in Harrisburg PA and Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta GA were great fun.
  • got to spend more time with my friend Dianne
  • enjoyed following The Lingerie Addict, the Lingerie Lesbian,  Oh Jacquie Simone, Danielle (from Orchard Corset), Lee Ann (owner-operator L. Kink Clothing, Billy Patrick, Reg Nadkcin (sans groupie entourage), Ruth Johnston and the ever-wonderful Brian, the Aussie Biker.

But my hands-down, absolutely, most exciting moment came back in March when I had a very brief dialog with someone in outer space!  Now I know what you’re thinking … “she’s finally lost her mind”.  But it’s true.  For a HadfieldTwitter_sfew months, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was the commander of the International Space Station and he was very accessible to the world in real time via Twitter.

I’m very conscious that I have the potential to cause embarrassment to people in the public eye.  Simply acknowledging someone like me can bring a negative response from a judgmental world so I always tread carefully in those areas.  But, I let one slip by.  I asked him a question and he replied!!  The question itself isn’t important out of context but he answered it!

This might not seem like a big deal to you but to me it was huge!   A t-girl, sitting at her desk on good old terra firma having a dialog with a national hero orbiting the earth at how-many-thousand miles per hour?  Woah!  When I saw his reply, my heart skipped a beat.

On the somewhat negative side, the King of the US still has the world hanging in uncertainty, political correctness is destroying much of the good in the world, liberals/progressives/academics have become mean and judgmental, and, once again, I’ve watched (from afar this time) more lives and families get destroyed due to that middle-age-crisis-transgender-manifestation.  But since I can’t protect everyone or help the entire world, they’re just not my problems, are they?

So, for 2014, I’d still love to get back into the photo and video groove that I lost a couple years ago.  I’m hoping I can make that happen but it’s doubtful.

I have no “fetishy” people in my life right now and I miss that lots.  No trying to get into my life; no looking to me for a full romantic sexual relationship.   No, no, no.  But let’s talk about your fetishes and I’m there.

Have a fabulous 2014!  I wish you health and happiness!

2 thoughts on “2013 Highlights and Lowlights”

  1. We all know that some men, and I should say many men enjoy the feel and look of feminine under garments. International corporation in the industry would gain a lot by including them in their publicity. Imagine, Victoria Secrets or La Senza making a statement like our designs look so good that they will make your man look better. I don’t believe that this will happen anytime soon since the companies afraid to loose too much .. but at the same time I doubt that most woman would that offended and they would gain so much from the tg / ts / cd community.

    What are your thoughts ?

    1. I do think the world is ready to accept international corporations that move slightly in a less gender-typical direction.

      But whether there is a big untapped market out there in the non-TG male world, I’m not sure. But I’m convinced that the TG world is much larger than their marketing studies indicate.

      And some of us do have money to spend! 🙂

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