Website Changes and Clippette

As you might have noticed, I’ve rewritten my website. Not too much has changed really but I think you’ll agree that the site looks a little more professional and is a bit more “click friendly’. It also should scale a little better on different screen sizes and on handheld devices.

The only page that didn’t make it over to this new world is my Friends page. It was always the least viewed page on my site and most of the photos were becoming outdated. I may bring the page back at some point .. not sure.

The only other noticeable changes here are to my Photo and Video Galleries. I’ve decided to use Adobe Flash for my photos since it lets me show them to you in a larger size and a better resolution and yet protects me a little by not giving you the ability to save them to your computer quite so easily. I’m not sure if Apple still has a problem with Flash, but if so, “i-devices” will be out of luck.

Sure, some of you will still find a way to steal and redistribute my images but please know that my involvement on the Clippette site now gives my work documented “revenue potential” so the cost of image theft and redistribution has dramatically increased if you get caught.

I also now have the ability to host video clips right here on my site. Not sure how much of that I’ll do going forward but it gives me the ability to present the type of content that YouTube doesn’t allow. Hey! Stop smiling, you perv! 🙂

For the time being my Photo Gallery will be a combination of new and previously-presented content but my video updates will be all new stuff. Things that are destined for my Clippette store will still appear here on my site, but only as a teaser.

So expect my Friday updates to resume at some point in time and my blog entries to happen occasionally.

Let me know how you like the new look and feel of my site. And if you make it over to Clippette, spending 3 or 4 dollars won’t kill ya. It’s a small compensation for those who work so hard to entertain you .. usually at great personal expense.

Speaking of my Clippette store, I’m planning something a little personal for those of you who are kind enough to make a purchase if I can work out the logistics.

More to come in the near future.

Clippette Status Update and Image Theft

I thought I’D check in with you to let you know how things are going for me these days.

First off, my Clippette experiment is pretty much going as I thought it would. After an initial flurry of sales, things have levelled off lots. The only thing that surprised me is that the Clippette site appears to be evolving into a mostly femme domme site. So in that arena, I’m happy to get the attention I’m getting.

Aside from that, I’ve been staying busy. I can eventually share some of the work I’ve been doing lately, and some I can’t share. But it’s been fun and challenging for me.

As expected, my site traffic here has dropped off considerably since I stopped doing weekly updates. But for those of you who still visit, I’m excited to tell you that I’ve been rewriting my site.

The content will be pretty much the same but the look and feel will be slightly different and it will appear lots more professional. The site you’re familiar with is the very first site I ever built and isn’t really representative of my current abilities.

I’ve been bothered lots lately by image theft, personally and on the internet in general, so I still haven’t decided whether to show you large high resolution un-watermarked images or not. I’d absolutely love to but need to continue to weigh the pros and cons. Although I’ve tried to shrug it off, internet image theft and the feeling of entitlement shared by so many continues to bug me. Eventually I’ll learn to go with the flow but I’m not ready just yet.

I take a lot of care doing my photos and videos and pay close attention to detail. I’d really like for you to see what I’ve done without having to strain your eyes or look through a copyright watermark.

I’ll give you more information soon!