Happy New Year 2011!

As the year draws to a close I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect .. cliché, I know.

It’s really been a “close but no cigar” year for me. My every day life has been wonderful although a little frustrating at times .. hehe!. And I continue to look for a friendship in the T-Girl community with someone who understands.

Mid way through the year I came to the conclusion that “being there” for anyone who needed me was taking it’s toll on me emotionally so I decided I needed to stop that. Of course those closest to me can always count on my undying support but I’ve been successful in not getting involved with other girls who need someone to talk to or someone to help them over the bumps that life throws at girls like us. It’s going against my nature to not help but it’s something I need to do.

SeleenaK_1000sI scared a few people on YouTube who can’t read (teehee!), provided support (the last time) for a few girls who needed that, bruised a huge ego irreparably, provided a little “jerkin’ material” for a few guys (at least), met just over 50 of my online girlfriends in person, renovated my studio and did a little traveling. Even had a little health issue that cleared itself totally prior to scheduled minor surgery. And our best friends from the desert came to visit. That was definitely a highlight of my year!

All in all, a great 2010.

In my “web bimbo” world, things are changing. I used to attract visitors who were simply appreciative of my efforts. The comments, compliments and occasional gift I received appeared to be from the heart and came with no strings. But there’s been a shift towards demands, expectations and the relentless pursuit of specific interests. And it’s wearing thin. Please .. ask once, twice maybe, then drop it. It’s not only about you! *giggling* Please know that  if the intent is to compliment, it’s having the reverse affect.

I think my photos have improved and that makes me feel great! I still wish I had some help doing “out and about” pics but for now I’ll continue to do what I can solo, and with the help of an occasional “guest photographer” whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I’m hoping to rewrite my website code this year to make it a little more friendly to all browsers as well as handhelds. It’s currently optimized for Internet Explorer and looks a little strange with some of the other browsers.

But the biggest change I’m considering is to move to a pay site format. I never thought I could get my heart around that concept but only doing things for others, and for free, is a (big) emotional and (small) financial drain on me. The content would be very inexpensive since it isn’t about the money at all. I just need the site to feel a little more give-and-take.

So, from everyone here at SeleenaK dot com (I always wanted to say that but there’s only Kim and I here .. hehe!), have a Happy New Year!

May 2011 be your very best year ever!

Holiday Prep

Well that was a crazy couple of weeks but I now have time to catch my breath and relax over the holidays.

Our houseguests are safely back in the desert and all my Christmas prep is done. Presents bought and wrapped, Casa Seleena is festively decorated, the fridge is full and the bar is well stocked. Bring on the holidays!

What’s gone on since my last update? Well, my website finally surpassed the 100,000 views plateau one week ago (Monday December 13th). It took a while to get here but you know my feelings; quality before quantity always!

Sara and Mark’s visit was wonderful! I may have a little video for you some time soon but sadly we were just too busy to do any still photos. I hate to admit it but my mind was not really on my site while they were here. I hope you understand.

My imposter is still “impostering” (hehe!) on Yahoo. I filed a complaint in hopes that Yahoo would see the obvious but it appears they need a sworn statement from me with details to support my claim. I’ll do this but I need to understand the action they will take. Simply shutting down a profile is not enough. I need them to block the ip address and file a complaint to the person’s internet service provider. Or provide me with the IP so that I can take care of things. Recent changes to legislation make this identity theft.

I’ve received some legal advice (free!) and know what I can and can’t do.

On another, more positive note, the solstice is here, the lunar eclipse was cool and the holidays are just days away. Where does the time go?

I hope to have some festive photos for you on Friday but I’d like to take a moment now to wish you all the best of the holiday season. Please take the time to tell someone close to you that they’re important to you, just like I’m about to do here.

Thank you all for being a part of my life. You really are important to me!

Merry Christmas. Eat too much! Drink too much! Hug too much!

A Visit From Our Friends

OMG! The gorgeous and extremely sexy Sensual Sara, formerly of sensualsara dot com, and her hubbie, the very dapper Mark, are coming to stay with Kim and me for a week. They arrive today.

They’re our best friends in the whole world and we know it will be a hot week here regardless how chilly it gets outside.

Don’t you wish she would get her website back online? I know I do.

If I’m really nice to Sara and Mark, it’s possible that they’ll help me with some photos or a video that I can share with you. And with any luck, my Kim will make an appearance too!

But with those two pairs of gorgeous legs in front of the camera, I’m wearing slacks!

What a way to close out the year!

Now .. on a less positive note, it appears there is an imposter on Yahoo pretending to be me. This person created a “Seleena K” profile on 06/16/10, claims to be female and has stolen and posted some photos from my website. They even went to the trouble of removing the copyright I add to all of my photos.

I’m certainly not female and my Yahoo profile has been around since 2005.

I’m pursuing this with Yahoo through their “Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy” and will take more serious action if the profile isn’t removed in the next couple days.

Please be aware that my Yahoo profile has been “hidden” between February 2010 and today, so any communication from Yahoo during that time did not come from me, except for those of you I IM with.

Some say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but flattery from an imposter and a thief is of little value. If you’ve run into this person on the web, please let me know.

Get a life, dude! and a big thanks to Navy Guy for bringing this to my attention.