Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a blast! Special thanks to Nikki and Gina for organizing the entire week. I got to see some old friends as well as meet some new one’s.

I’m not sure that Las Vegas was ready for us. On two occasions an entire casino went silent as we all walked from the hotel to the cabs.  Not my style really.  I do prefer to slip in and out under the radar but to this group, it’s all about being seen.

But the city treated us very well. Some of the girls did experience some negativity but it was from other visitors, and only from the guys. Most women think we’re pretty cool.

I found that most of the girls were very into dance clubs .. and Las Vegas has tons of great ones .. but me personally, I’d rather play “footsie’s” under the table in a piano bar than shakin’ it and sweatin’ with the 20-somethings. But that’s just me.
Speaking of ass, here’s a pic of me headed for the strip.
I “limo’d” a little, “cabbed” often and walked way too much. But there’s no way to avoid that in Las Vegas. Even the walk from my room to get a cab was a marathon.

Will I do this particular event again? Not sure. Maybe my age is catching up with me but the dance club thing just isn’t fun anymore and I’m still of the belief that a girl doesn’t go out without stockings on. Old fashioned? Maybe .. but I like it that way, even though my style was somewhat different than many of the other girls in this particular group, where the boyish figure was quite popular.

Soooo … I know I missed a photo gallery update last week and promise to have something out there for this Friday. I only wish I could keep the video streak going on the first Friday of the month but a May 1st video is going to be pretty difficult.

I really needed to do this trip and should be home on Monday. I’m in New Mexico right now and am hoping to get my life back to normal soon.

I’ll try to post some candids from Las Vegas as they become available.

On The Road to Sin City – Day 6

I’m here! The last day of the drive was the most breathtaking of all. The Zion area of Utah was gorgeous and the small area of Arizona that I passed through might very well be the most rugged and breathtaking the state has to offer with the exception of the Grand Canyon.

But the real excitement started when we got the the hotel. Met my dear friend Lola at the hotel registration desk and after a quick freshening up, we all met at the Wildside hospitality suite and took limos to PF Chang’s for a wonderful dinner. Nikki, Gina, Ashley, Amy, Dale, Jackie, Petey, Glenda, Niya, Sandra, Lola, Angie, Emily, Rachel, Kate and Heather … all gorgeous and smiling.

Most went dancing after dinner, but the weariest travelers returned to the hotel.

CiCi, Joey, Bunny, Nicole and Lee Ann will be here soon to join us.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to give you a day-by-day recap on my activities here but I do expect to share some photos with you as they become available.

On The Road to Sin City – Day 5

Wow!!!  The view from the Seleena-mobile was surreal today.  The Colorado Rockies are gorgeous as is Vail and and the other small ski resort towns in the area.  Temperature in the mountains was in the high 50’s and very sunny, and the ski hills were very much alive.

But things got even more dramatic in Utah. I’ve been a big fan of the Arizona desert for several years but I have to tell you; AZ has nothing on UT when comes to raw, pristine, mountainous desert.  If I wasn’t supposed to be in Vegas on Monday, I’d still be a few hundred miles east of here, staring in disbelief.  Red rock, black rock, gold rock, blue rock with just a touch of snow for emphasis.

High desert temperatures in the mid 70’s. Perfect.

I know .. you don’t read this blog to hear about scenery and I normally don’t write about this kind of thing but really, everyone needs to see this once in their lifetime.

Regarding the bimbo adventure; nothing eventful today. Interesting glances at fuels stops and rest areas but that’s it. And traveling all day in stockings and heels is actually quite comfortable. But I’m not really a good judge of “comfortable or not”.

One more day on the road and I’m there!

On The Road to Sin City – Day 4

Well, Kansas is … Kansas. And it appears that storms provide a lot of the excitement here.  Not fair to make that observation, I know, but I call ’em as I see ’em.  Topeka did seem very nice though.  It would be cool to return some day to explore.

The sunny weather came to a screeching halt just inside the Colorado border.  Some serious rain all the way into Denver.  But it has stopped raining now and a gorgeous crescent moon is lighting up the sky.

I think tomorrow is going to be a beautiful drive. Into the Rockies and well into Utah.

Speaking of Utah, does anyone want to marry me?  I think having multiple spouses is okay here .. but be prepared.  You’ll have to help with my stocking budget. *giggling*

On The Road to Sin City – Day 3

I’m into the “hunker down and drive” part of the trip.  The weather is cooperating and the landscape is .. hmmm .. vast.  I still haven’t freaked anybody out and I’m happy for that.  Hopefully I’ll have more to report tomorrow.

Oh .. and I wasn’t able to get a new website photo album ready for my usual Friday update.  I’m sorry!  I’ll do my best to have one ready for next week.

On The Road to Sin City – Day 2

It’s the heels.  It’s always the heels!  Not so much the height but the heels .. many women along the way are much taller than me.  But “click, click, click” into a restaurant or rest area and heads turn.  Oh well.  All has been cool so far.  Although those signs that say “No firearms permitted in the visitor’s center” are a little unnerving.  Why would anyone consider bring a gun to the bathroom?  In case there’s no “tissue” and you need to get assertive?

The temperature has been rising since turning southwest from Lake Erie and that city with the big arch thingy was in the low 90’s today.  Yum!  Spring has really taken hold here.

The truck drivers are nice to me.  They like to try to drive beside me as I pass them .. I think to protect me from evil.  Thanks guys!

Had a quick visit and a nice dinner today and now it’s time for some “chillaxing” before heading into the land of Dorothy and Toto tomorrow in the rain. “Ad astra per aspera” .. yikes!

Latex wear would be appropriate except for the leather seats.

On The Road to Sin City – Day 1

I’m on the road headed for a “bimbo-thon” in “Sin City”!

Day One .. in boi-mode today because I didn’t want any problems getting into the US.  Great weather for driving though I only got as far as south western OH after 8 hours on the road.  But all is good!  I hope to have some pics to share eventually but nothing yet.

But you know, it’s no wonder I tend to draw attention when doing road trips like this.  Most women dress like they’re going out to work in the garden when traveling.  I know .. ‘but I need to be comfortable”.  Yeah .. whatever.  You’re not exactly working up a sweat running across the country.

Thank gawd I get to travel with my Kim. She’s gorgeous, even when on the road!

Sleepy now. zzz zzz zzzz

My New Video, Road Trip Preparations and Life in General

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog here.   I thought it was time I took a few minutes to tell you what’s been happening in my life.

Although there have been a few “close but no cigar” situations, nothing much has changed for me.  I’m still in search of a gig I can sink my teeth into.  There have been a few close calls but in the end it appears I’m on my own to build something to keep my motivation level up.  I have no doubt that exciting things will happen.

A couple girls have passed through my life recently and as I mentioned to both of them, my only hope is that they’re better off for having known me.  As much as long-term friendship is my goal, sometimes it’s just not to be .. and that’s okay.

My video business is showing signs of promise and I’m working hard for nothing but experience and portfolio pieces right now.  But I’m getting better at the craft so it’s all good.

I got to read a screenplay that a girlfriend wrote and was blown away with it’s potential.  A very gritty drama about “girls like us”.  In my dream world, I could work with her to make it come to life .. but in reality, I wish her well with it.  She lives in Los Angeles and has access to people in the industry. It really is deserving of attention and recognition.

The very short list of guys in my life are still there for me.  I just wish I could be there for them too but I just can’t be right now.

I’ve been asked to help a friend rework her business and I jumped at the opportunity!  More on this as my involvement becomes clearer.

I opened the purse slightly to let some high heel money escape!  I fell in love with a rather unique shoe line from the UK, but I messed up on the sizing when I placed my order so I’m waiting for the correct size to arrive.  More to come on them, including photos, when they arrive.  Very sexy stilettos!

Ohhhhh .. before I forget to mention it, my latest video is out today.  It’s part 2 of my “Just Another Day” series.  The weather finally improved enough for me to shoot some of it outdoors .. even though southern Ontario looks pretty gloomy in March.  Hope you like it!

And lastly, I’m beginning to prepare for yet another “Bimbo Across America” road trip.  My darling Kim and I will be headed to the southwest US again, but on a little tighter budget this time.  The highlight of this trip will be meeting up with the “Wildside” girls (and guys) in Las Vegas.  I’ve met a few of them in person before and am looking forward to meeting many others who I’ve known only in the cyber world.

I’m once again considering blogging the entire trip here on my site, including photos along the way, but am not sure how much demand there is for that.  I also don’t know how much energy I’ll have each night after a long day on the road.  And there will be one or two parts of the trip that I might not want to share with you (wink, wink)