Shooting My Next Video

Spring is in the air!  I know, “keep your panties on Seleena!  Winter may not be over yet “.  But it feels soooo good.

I spent a wonderful day in Toronto this week with my dearest friends and even got to shoot some outdoor video so the second installment of my “Just Another Day” video should be available here early in April.

It was a humbling experience having two totally gorgeous girls help me with my video but they were kind to me and extremely helpful.  Thank you Dina and Lianne!  I now better understand my limitations as a video model and will script accordingly in the future but with some careful editing I think I can get another pretty decent video together.  Your reaction and comments will tell me if I’m correct.

On another note, I’ve begun high level preparations for my upcoming “Bimbo Across America” road trip (haha!).  More to come on that in future blog entries.