Extreme Heels and Vanessa Thompson

I have a couple exciting things to share with you!

6 Inch Heels Forever

For a long time I’ve been considering buying high heels from an online store called “6 Inch Heels Forever” but have been a little concerned about buying directly from China and frankly I find their website a little difficult to navigate.  Their heels are quite extreme, very unique and absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion.

Well, I recently learned that they have opened a retail store in Toronto!!!  I am sooo there .. but it might take a couple weeks to get there.  I’m interested in learning how “walkable” some of their extreme arch styles are.

After I go shopping I’ll be sure to add a photo album or two here for those of you who are as into heels as I am.  And if anyone is looking for a gift for me, please consider something from these guys.  A little pricey, but I’m worth it .. or not .. *giggling*

Vanessa Thompson

Now, I rarely endorse anyone here on my site but I have to tell you about someone I met recently who I think the world needs to know about. Vanessa Thompson is an extremely talented singer-song writer, is drop-dead gorgeous and has the voice of an angel.

She gave me permission to mention her here.  Please check out her website and her videos on YouTube. And while you’re there, spend a dollar or two to download her music. Who knows, if we’re all really nice to her, she might just let me post her photo on my “Friends” page.

Vanessa, I wish you all the best in your career.