Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

Las Vegas .. there really are few cities like it.  Larger-than-life.  A monument to excess.

My trip this time was as exc_MG_6926siting as any in the past.  Kim and I got to spend lots of time with My barbie.  Barbie took great care of us, providing the wheels for getting around, as well as booze to keep us loose.  She also prepared a fantastic dinner for us, that we enjoyed along with a rather expensive bottle of wine that barbie picked especially for that dinner.  And like the good maid that she is, she made us an after dinner drink to enjoy while she cleaned up.  Thank you barbie, for a wonderful time!

We went to Lee Ann’s birthday party on Friday night at the Wyndham and I finally got to meet her.  A gorgeous women who didn’t miss any opportunity to get out her flogger.

Nicole Lashes had invited us to the party for her partner, and meeting her also was wonderful.  She’s even nicer in person than she is online.  Hope to spend more time with her in the future.

Also got to hang with Tricia, Spirit, Shavonna, Shock and Amber (more on Shavonna and Spirit in a future blog update). Fabulous people I’d love to see again, although I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with Tricia.  We chat lots online and I would have liked to continue that chat in the flesh.

I stayed in a wonderful condo just off the strip … very elegant and very secure (just ask barbie about herIMG_1321s experience with Mr. Chuckles, the guard at the front gate *giggles*).  And although we turned a few heads in the lobby, everyone was very accepting.

The Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball was incredible.  A feast for the eyes and ears.  The continuous stage performances were Vegas caliber, but with a BDSM edge.  Dancers and acrobats were everywhere and a “flogging stage” had a continuous stream of Dom(mes) and subs demonstrating their own particular style.

But the most incredible sights of all were in the crowd.  Although a small number were in Halloween costumes, the vast majority of the crowd was in fet wear.  Ultra-high heels, garters, corsets, fishnets, latex and leather was everywhere.  And the group was a little younger than I expected.  Gawd, it was fun .. and so erotic!

My barbie and I got many requests to pose for pics … she was on My leash .. and, yes, we obliged.  Even ‘ Fucking Gerry”, the fetish photographer, took a photo or two of us.  If any of you should see us on another site, please drop me line so that we can check out the photos too.

In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number. ~ Steven Wright

Although we were invited to the after-party, we were hurting from a long day and a little jet lag so we left the Ball and headed back to our condo.  But even the cab ride was an laugh. Our cab driver was a kinky guy very much into BDSM.  As soon as we got in his cab he said “I smell latex! Who’s wearing latex?” (in case you hadn’t guessed, it was me .. Kim and barbie were wearing PVC).

Sunday was a day to relax a little and do some “barbie bondage”, and the day soon ended with our sad goodbyes.  Monday flights for all of us … barbie was heading home and Kim and I were off to Arizona.  That’s where I am as I write this.  But more on AZ later.

Upcoming Trip to the Southwest US

In a few days I’ll be back in Las Vegas.  It seems like it’s been so long, almost a year, since I’ve felt the excitement of the “City That Never Sleeps”.  I hear the gaming floor calling my name.

There’s a birthday party to attend and a fetish ball too.  And I get to see some friends again, and meet some that I’ve chatted with for years online but have never met.

And from Las Vegas, I’m headed back to the desert in southern AZ.  Again, I’ll spend some time with friends and hope to meet another online friend or two.  I had hoped to hook up with a photographer there to do some photos for this site but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.

As always, I’ll continue to watch my email and do my regular website updates while I’m away.  I may even do some web camming (on that kinky social networking site some of you also belong to) while away.

If anything exciting happens .. and I’m sure it will .. I’ll let you know all about it!  And I’m sure there will be photos to share.

Using Copyrighted Music WIthout Permission

My bad!

Well, ya just never know who looks at (and in this case, listens to) your online stuff. I’ve had this little video on YouTube for the last couple years. It’s more of a slide show than a video really .. made up of still images dissolving into each other, and put to music. As of today, the video has received over 56,000 views.

I was informed today by YouTube that my video has been blocked because of a copyright infringement claim against the audio track by UMG.  Although I was able to quickly replace the audio with a copyright-free song provided by YouTube, the video just isn’t the same.

The song in question was ”November Rain” .. one of my favourite songs.

Was I wrong to use it? Absolutely .. and I sincerely apologize to GnR for doing that.  I guess I thought of it more as a tribute to an awesome song.

And it doesn’t matter if they took exception with my use of the song because I’m a T-girl or not .. I apologize to the band, Universal Music Group and/or the song owner.

And for the record, I still think Mr. Rose is kinda cute!

Economic Worries

Now I’m starting to worry.  I know you didn’t come to this site to hear more gloom and doom about what’s going on with the world economy but this is finally starting to scare me, and it may impact this website.

I’ve booked and paid for a trip to the desert for later this month, and will certainly have a great time in both Las Vegas and southern Arizona, but if I had realized that things would get this bad, I really wouldn’t have done this one.

Although the federal election here in Canada on the 14th should be inconsequential, the one in the US in November can cause the pendulum to swing so far in the other direction that it flies off into oblivion.  Stop the insanity USA!

If I’m going to have to start selling my cheap ass on street corners, I’m going to need lots of fishnets, and there are costs associated with that. *giggling*

On a more positive note, I’ve just published a photo album that is a little more “personal” than the stuff I’ve been sharing.  Hope you like it .. and as always, your feedback is appreciated.