Social Networking Rant

Rant Mode ON

Well, I’ve done it again .. even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t. I’ve joined yet another social networking website.

Not that many years ago, girls like me felt alone .. as though they were the only one’s with this passion. Contact magazines and adult bookstores provided the only opportunity to meet others, and it wasn’t pretty.

Then along came computers and telecommunications, and everything changed.  Dial-up bulletin boards and IRC chat quickly illustrated that there are others like us out there.  And they weren’t all the stereotypical “SheMales” with the gigantic implants and huge cocks.  Feelings of optimism and excitement sweep over us.  Phone line connections gave us the opportunity to connect to others but the time necessary for modems to connect and slow download speeds meant we had to stop and think about where we were going before we went there.

The high speed connection and the Internet emerged.  And we then had the ability to perv more websites in a minute that we could in an entire evening.  And everyone’s fingers was trying to find our purses, try to squeeze money from us.

Social networking sites, sites where people of similar interests can share and socialize, began to spring up .. and the number of them out there continues to grow, even today.  The dust hasn’t settled yet, and no winners have been declared in the race to be THE networking site.

So much for the “history according to Bimbo”.

I have my hands full.  I have a Yahoo360 presence I’d like to put to sleep (except that it brings a fair amount of traffic to this website), a URNA profile I look in on every month of so, a YouTube video account, a Facebook profile for my male side, an Alt dot com membership (that has given me the most real life contacts as well as my very best, and very worst, chatroom experiences), and Instant Messaging profiles on both MSN and Yahoo.  I still belong to several Yahoo “special interest” groups but always fall behind on their posts.  I’ve also turned down numerous requests to “Join Me” on countless other sites.  And I have this website … photo gallery updates, bi-weekly chat and this blog.  It’s the thing I’m most committed to right now.

So therein lies my dilemma.  I’ve joined another one.  So now there’s one more online community for me to neglect.  And I hate that … because I’ve always done my very best to be attentive to those who I’m connected to.  At one time it felt overwhelming but now it just saddens me.  I’m really not like this!  When someone speaks to me, I answer!

I expect FetLife to be yet another place where I have to keep fending off requests to meet at the drop of a hat.  But who knows … just maybe it’ll be the “special one”.  After all, a very interesting guy suggested it to me.

So, please bear with me, but until I figure out where I really need to be, I’m keeping a presence in too many places for my own good.

Rant mode is now off


An Exciting Few Weeks

Wow!  What a crazy few weeks it’s been.  An emotional rollercoaster.

Toronto Pride Week

Toronto Pride was awesome.  Got to spend some time with old friends and met some new ones too.  Wandered the streets of Toronto a little, had a stretch limo tour of the city, spent some time with my friends at Northbound Leather and drank a few Mai Tai’s (thanks doll!).

Bunny, Alicia and Winnie made their annual pilgrimage to Toronto and seeing them again was awesome. Bunny did the IMG_4342Along, long drive again from NC and I cherished every minute I spent with her.  Alicia and Winnie again came in from MI and brought Kimmie along too.  It was so nice to meet Kimmie and to see Winnie and Alicia again.

Also got to meet My barbie.  She was everything I thought she’d be and I look forward to spending much more time with her.  After a frustrating plane ride from the Pacific Northwest, she arrived unflustered.  We did manage to get some time to do a photo shoot together.

Lola also made the trip from the West Coast, and although her plane ride was a little more sane than barbie’s, car rental issues left her in a very difficult situation and was never really resolved.  Lola is very cool and seems to have fallen in love with Toronto .. kinda surprising since the San Francisco scene is in her backyard.  I guess this says a lot about the way Toronto opens her arms to girls like us.

Hailleigh was in town again too for her last hurrah before her move to South America.  Although we didn’t spend as much time together as we should have, I’m really gonna miss her and wish her all the best.  Hopefully, she’ll return to Canada occasionally but in the interim I hope to stay in touch via email.

Ran into Jazmine and Jennie downtown.  Although we’ve chatted online a little, meeting them both was very cool.  They’re a big part of the Toronto scene and I expect to see them both again in my “prowlings” .. haha!!

Barbie and Me

And I finally got to meet Tonya.  She lives in the city and met up with us at our hotel.  I’ve always enjoyed her posts in Sarah Lynn’s “Powder Room” on Alt dot com, and finally meeting her was very cool.

Sadly though, I missed meeting the elusive Melan.  Hopefully next time.  And Sarah Lynn from Windsor, and Delila from Michigan were unable to join us this year.  Next year sweeties!

This annual Pride thing, for me at least, is really more about the people than the event itself.  Although checking out the clubs is okay, I did all my drinking and dancing ’til dawn when I was much younger and am really not into it these days.  Whispering sweet nothings in a dark, quiet piano bar is more my style now, I guess.

I also broke my rule about remaining low-key in public.  Bunny, barbie and I ended up in the local newspaper.  Although I really do like the photo, I’m really much too private for that.  But it was before dark and we were on our way to meet the girls for dinner .. typically over-dressed.  Once again, it felt like a freak show .. and we were the freaks. *giggles*  But ce la vie!  There was no disrespect towards us at all, and many friendly comments .. especially from women.

Maybe it’s time I change my look in an attempt to “pass” … nawwwww!  In my opinion, there’s nothing I, or many of my “sisters”, could do to come close to appearing like an attractive woman.  And presenting as the average “today’s woman” is just not something that interests me.  I’m sure most TV/CD’s can relate to this although most TS’s (pre-op, post-op or non-op) would strongly disagree.

I just prefer times when women never left the house without hosiery and makeup … regardless of the time of day or season.  Sandals and bare feet were left for the beach .. and glamorous was what you were or, at least, tried to be, and not Bunny, Me and Barbiesomething you occasionally “did”.

I guess it’s obvious that for some of us, it’s all about the dressing.

My darling Kim had the awesome idea of a limo tour of the city so our friends from out of town could see a little more than just the Pride district so she made the arrangements, and with financial support from My barbie, around 10 of us spent a couple hours in a stretch SUV limousine.  We stopped a few times for photos and smoke breaks at various locations mostly around the waterfront.

Thankfully I was already familiar with the areas we visited because at one point I was distracted by someone’s hand under my skirt (Winnie, you little slut! You’re the best!)

I also got a huge compliment from George, the boss at Northbound Leather.  At their meet-and-greet, he complimented my legs.  Now this is a guy who spends his days in the presence of Enza, a simply gorgeous woman with world-class legs … needless to say I was very honored.  I hope to see him again at NBL’s Fall Bash at the Docks.  But the Northbound event was great … store shelves were overflowing, snacks and drinks were available with both bondage and single tail whip demo’s going on concurrently.

A Visit From Our Friends from the Desert

Just had enough time back at home after Pride to unpack, straighten up the house, restock the refrigerator and booze fridge before heading to the airport to pick up our friends.  We had as awesome time with them as we always do and look forward to seeing them again in a couple short months.

Someone Special

Someone very important to me passed away.  Although I already miss her lots, I’ll eventually move on and the great memories will last forever.  Rest in Peace, sweetie.