Hooter Uniform

My Hooters uniform arrived on Thursday and it’s time to take some photos today.

I wasn’t sure if I could pull off the look, and am still not after seeing the pics, but I guess they’ll appear here anyway. Thought that the look needed a nametag so I went to the computer and quickly made one up.  I ended up wearing it all day .. webcam on Alt dot com, stuff around the house, photos. And I found the knee high 5 1/2″ heel boots to be quite comfortable after 15 hours of wear.


I got scurrying around the house this morning and missed the 10:00 start of my bi-weekly chatroom time. If you came here at 10:00 and found no chatroom, please accept my apologies. It was 10:06 before it came to life. Luckily for me, my two fav sweeties, Barbie and QQ patiently waited and appeared just as soon as I did.

I’m not gonna kiss and tell, but whew! The discussion was soooo erotic.

I notice that lots of hits on this site are coming from my friends at “Trannies in Trouble” http://tranniesintrouble.com/ via a reciprocal link to Sandra’s site.  I hope I’m not disappointing the bondage fans from there.  Since I’m a huge bondage fan too, I think I should mention that clearly on my “Welcome” page as well my “About Me”.  Sounds like it’s time to add some bondage photo content too.

Today’s outfit: ruby pushup bra, Hanes Alive tan (somewhat shiny) pantyhose (panties? what panties?), animal print sleeveless top, stretch black mini, animal print 5 1/2″ heel ankle strap pumps.


I got to chat briefly with my Australian friend, Angie, in the GX chatroom on Alt dot com.  It’s been a long time .. so glad to hear, and see, that she’s okay. She told me she had viewed this website. I’m a little nervous about that because Angie has great taste and knows quality … and I’m not sure what I’ve done so far measures up.  But she politely told me she loved it .. and I’ll believe her, out of necessity. Maybe she’ll have some suggestions for improvement.

I turned my webcam on a couple times later in the day. The weather here has been unusually warm, nearly hot, and the temperature inside to too warm to appear on cam fully dressed .. lol .. so I appeared in only a strapless bra, corset, thong, FF stockings and thigh-high boots. Not exactly my usual elegant cam-wear but I got no complaints *giggles*

Then I proceeded to turn the air condition back on.

Unable to Attend

I tried my best to make it happen, but it looks like Kim and I will not be able to attend the Northbound Leather “Switch” event on October 20th.   This is the big one .. a not-to-be-missed event.  I broke the news to our friend hailleigh tonight but, as expected, the slutty girl was very understanding.

I haven’t seen hailleigh since Toronto Pride way back in June, and the time we spent together then was quite limited.  But things will improve in the near future. I told her about my website and asked her to critique it.  But it would be fab if she decides some day to contribute to the “Guests” page.

Getting this site moving is slower than I had expected (damned search engine robots!).